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Strength bar always full!

Ok. I've passed the first checkpoint, and after couple of days, my strength bar is still full...I don't know, is this expected behaviour? Anyway I continued on by completing just a FEW skills from the next checkpoint (family, conjuctions). I'm now on a 7 day streak and strength bar never dropped below full. What's going on?

March 29, 2015



Check Words to see if all your words are still full strength.


Out of 230 words, 23 are halfway full or near full.


Did you strengthen your skills?


This is perfectly normal. If you practice your skills everyday, they will remain gold. Also, skills in the first checkpoint don't usually turn colored.


Yes they do, at least on my Duo they do. Admittedly they probably take longer because you are less likely to make mistakes, but eventually, without practice, they will loose their shiny gold status.

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