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Speech lessons too easy?

I get the impression that the speech input in the lessons is not very "demanding".

Yesterday I was doing lessons and had my fingers on the keyboard, when I accidentally hit Enter after I said only the first word of a whole sentence. And it was perfectly accepted. It happens only very rarely that my input doesn't get though, i.e. when I have the mouth full (I know, eating while trying to do oral lessons... great idea...) or when I breath into the microphone or have to cough, etc. I think this might be a bit too easy.

Or do they get more challenging when you advance in Levels or the Tree? Do you have to speak more exactly when you get father? Maybe this is only me and you other people have different experiences? And how is with the other languages? (I only do Italian which doesn't have speech input yet, so I can only talk about the French one.)

September 4, 2013



I also tried french before which has audio recognition and had the impression that duo is not really listening.


It is odd, sometimes it even seems to say I have pronounced a word correctly before I have spoken it. (turns blue). Other times no matter how hard I try it just does not seem to understand my speech. Nice if it were at least consistent.

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