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  5. "Drive the car!"

"Drive the car!"

Translation:Arabayı sen kullan!

March 29, 2015



"Drive the car!" Translation: Arabayı sür!


Arabayı sen kullan! You use the car!

Completely bewildered by Duo's correct answers sometimes.

EDITED on the 24/07/2020.

Both Turkish answers are correct & accepted by Duo.


Hell mr.Hilmi I tried "Arabyı sen sür" not accepte Can you explain me more please
Thank you for your effort


ibrahimssh plus


"Arabyı sen sür"

You have a minor typo error & maybe Duo did not recognise the meaning of your misspelt word?

"Drive the car!" Translation: Arabayı sen kullan!

"Arabayı" not "arabyı."

You are using a Turkish keyboard which is great.

Küçük hatayı yapmak için sen sürgündesin. For making the small mistake you are in exile, banished.

Şaka ederim. I'm joking.

Thank you.


"Arabayı sen sür" not accepted (2021-04-25).


thanks and i was wondering the difference between sürmak and kullanmak xD



Rica ederim! You're welcome!


Turkish has a absolute for drive? So why are we using the car, not drıvıng the car?


I am sorry, I don't really understand your question. :) Could you possibly reword it?


The English translation is "Drive the car!"

The Translation in Turkish ıs "Arabayı sen kullan!"

English answer says drıve... Turkish answer says use... Therefore depending on which language you get asked the question in.. The natural translation would not match the systems correct answer.

If i had seen the Turkish phrase first... I would have instinctively said "Use the car" because we say that as well.

Turkish has a verb for drive as well as English. So why is that not being used to correctly match with the English translation in this instance and use/kullan be the unused alternate answers.

Do Turks always say "arabayı sen kullan" when they mean drive the car? and not "arabayı sen sür"? that would explain a lot!

Thanks Alex for your your continued diligence with my enigma. Very much appreciated (Y)


This is because "araba kullmak" is used more often for "to drive a car" than "araba sürmek." Both are accepted here though. (Also, "use the car" is accepted as an English translation as well). :)


So if kullmak is more commonly used with cars, which forms of transportation more commonly used sürmek? Yes, I've have seen the sample sentences using otobüs and tren with sürmek. How about kamyon?



"sürmek" can be used for any land vehicles and some animals that require someone to operate (to ride). For example, trucks, buses, trains, cars, bicycles, sleds, wheelbarrows, plows, shopping carts, strollers, phaetons, horses, donkeys, wolves (in Siberia), bulls (by cowboys), dragons (by Daenerys), deers (by Santa) etc. :)


Araba sur wasn't accepted 03.04.2020


Arabayı sen sür not accepted yet.


Arabayı sen kullan! You drive the car? Drive the car! Arabayı sür or arabayı kullan ! Why you? Could be he,she ?


Why is it wrong to say "Araba sür"? Araba sürmek is given - araba sür is the imperative...I don't understand why I should add sen and use kullanmak instead.




Because "araba sür" does not have the accusative case suffix on araba +(y) "-ı" meaning "the" car.

"Araba sür" - drive car.

Araba sürmek - driving car(s)

The definite direct object in the accusative case "arabayı" can go anywhere before the verb. It just happens to be in the subject position.

Thank you.


Me neither. Unless we are speaking about one particular car which would be arabayı sür, surely ?? I never say 'use the car' - vis the answer


Why can you use kullan or sen kullan? If kull is not the root, shouldn't it be sen kullansin?


The root is "kullan." Commands in the "sen" form of the verb are just the root :)


Arabayı sen sür is not accepted 20.9.20. Why is this incorrect?




Your answer is correct. It was accepted for me over a year ago. "See first topic comment."

I cannot explain why Duo declined it now?

Arabayı sür! Drive the car! Try this on a revision exercise. I will too.

Thank you.


Why is it “sen” and why “kullan” when in a previous question the answer was “surmek”?


Drive the car... to me there is no SEN in this sentence. Why do Duo accept sen as correct then?

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