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  5. "He speaks English."

"He speaks English."

Translation:Han snakker engelsk.

March 29, 2015



Being a antive speaker, I actually think using "snakker" in this case is wrong. It is exactly like english: I speak a language = Jeg taler et sprog; I talk to someone = Jeg snakker med nogen.

At snakke (to talk) requires a counterpark (unless you are talking to yourself).


"snakker" is used in case of informal talking ~ chatting. You "snakker" (~chat) with friends and family etc. but you SPEAK a language (and maybe you also make a speach!). There is a saying: Papegøjer snakker, mennesker taler. The correct answer: Han taler engelsk


Yeah studieskolen taught me to use taler in this context so I was wondering why duolingo used a different word


Does the pronunciation of 'snakker' changes according to the person (he/me/and so on)?


What are the different.. taller and snakker and siger. I'm confused..


"Siger" means says. "Taler" and "snakker" are synonyms and means "speaks".

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