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Android Duolingo app

Does anyone know how to get accents on letters using the Android phone app for Duolingo? I have tried everything I can think of.

March 29, 2015



Try holding the letter that you want the accent to be on down, then some accented versions of that letter may pop up. You can also change your keyboard to the language you're learning.

That works on my Android phone (Samsung).


On the iPhone app you can easily get accents by holding down the letter on the keyboard and selecting the accent required. Not sure about the Android app though but I would think they have something similar.


I had the same issue on both my Android and iOS devices. I installed SwiftKey on my Android phone and found it to be the best keyboard app out there for typing in multiple languages. You can preset for any given number of languages. A big advantage of it too is that it automatically detects languages without requiring one to switch languages. One can even type multiple languages with their particular accents on the same sentence. You have the option of typing character-by-character as in the iPhone keyboard, or even more easily via 'swiping'. Once you get used to the 'swiping' way of typing, you'll be able to type much faster too.

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