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Will let me practise only selected phrases

I can't get my strength bar full in french basic phrases. It keeps making me practise the same phrases over and over again, completely forgets about the others, and strength bar is stuck one bar away from full. what can i do to unblock that? I've tried to log in and out on both computer and iphone.

please help it drives me crazy!

March 29, 2015

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have you got over the flash cards a few times?i was really frustrated when the strength bar on my lesson started to decrease for no apparent reason. they were things i already knew but it would not let me continue until i strengthened them.i practiced a few then i got tired of that, i went to the flash and cards did a run through and got them all right. then all of sudden it renewed all the strength bar! it was like magic !!! now when the strength bars get lower i just give the flash cards a few go overs !!!

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