"Neden havuzda yok?"

Translation:Why is she not in the pool?

March 29, 2015

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Could you also express this by saying "Neden havuzda degil"?


Couldn't that be interpreted as "Why not at the pool?" With no he/she/it?


"yok" and "değil" take some time to master. They are used interchangeably in many contexts, but not always.

yok = there isn't (something)

değil = it is not (there)

She is not home = O evde değil ~ O evde yok.

There is no bread at home = Evde ekmek yok. (Evde ekmek değil is simply WRONG)

I guess you just need to memorize as many examples as possible to get it eventually.


I do not think this is a correct sentence. Yok is not a proper verb in Turkish and this sentence does not have any verbs.


I may be incorrect but I take it that the yok is the way you know you are talking about someone or something being there or not? - Why at the pool does not exist? (no suffix for havuz indicates the use of he/she/it.) Just my understanding anyway.

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