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"Hon har många fotografier väggen."

Translation:She has a lot of photographs on the wall.

March 29, 2015



"She has many pictures on the wall" should maybe be accepted because in England, at least where I come from, people do not say that there is a photo on the fireplace or on the wall or wherever.

If it is framed then it is a picture.


I agree. It is much more common to say 'can I take your picture' than 'can i take your photo'.


I've added that now. Some 40 people should be getting emails about their translation being accepted shortly. :)


So, is it like kort in the way that photgrafi på något can be a photography of something?


You could use but for fotografi it’s actually maybe more common to say fotografi av något.


But av doesn't work with kort? What about bild?


Either works with bild.


En bild på en vägg could be either a picture of a wall or a picture on a wall? :p


That’s correct, if you say vägg (väg means ’road’).

Similarly jag fick en bild av Picasso could be either ’I received a picture of Picasso’ (it’s him on the picture), ’…a picture by Picasso’ (he took the picture) or ’…a picture from Picasso’ (he gave it to me).

[deactivated user]

    She has many photographs on the wall? Why is this not accepted?


    That's odd; it's definitely accepted. Either you made an error or there was a bug.


    "väggen" and "vägen" They sound, as far as my ears go, so similar it's often difficult to distinguish one from the other. Is there a clear difference between them? How can I understand the difference, if there is such a difference at all?


    vägen uses a long vowel and väggen a short one, so they're hard for natives to confuse. Would you like me to make a recording of the difference?


    Long and short, I see. How long or short, I wonder. Yes, a clear recording of the difference, please, if it is not cumbersome to do it. It will make my Swedish learning a bit more comfortable and confident. Thank you very much.


    Here you go: http://duolingo.vydea.io/vagen-vaggen.mp3

    I hope that's clear enough. I have chronic sinusitis nowadays so my voice doesn't always work as well as I'd like it to.


    Tack så mycket. One is really long and rather slow, isn´t it. This longer one has only one "g", right?

    The shorter one has a double g, whose fact makes me feel like pronoucing them quickly as if there were just one g.


    That's correct. You can think of it as the difference between "seat" and "sit" in English as well, if that helps.

    Swedish uses double consonants to mark a short vowel. It doesn't work every time, and it can get confusing with polysyllabic words, loans, etc., but it's usually accurate.


    Thank you so much devalanteriel. This is super helpful


    She has many photographers on the wall because she's a bit of a serial killer with a thing against photographers...


    I should very much like to see the comments on that sentence. :)

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