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Android and Word prediction

Hello everyone, I think you know the feature commonly used when entering text on Android and iOS devices: You enter the first few characters (ie., "Hel"), and get suggestions for the completion of the word (here: "Hello, Hell"). Where did this go in the Android version of Duolingo? It seems, Duolingo disables this feature. I don't get why: I'm more likely to produce typos on my mobile device, and recgnizing them and going back for correction takes time. So, while there's a small possibility for cheating (in case one doesn't know the spelling) it would also save a lot of time.

Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance,


September 4, 2013



I find that many of my errors come when I fail to notice that autocomplete/autocorrect has changed my correct foreign language word to an incorrect one, and have long wanted to be able to turn this off on the website and on ipad/iPhone!


Ah, ok. Interesting to see people having this issue the other way round. @Duolingo: Despite there aren't that many fine-tuning options in the app, could you consider including this?


I really wish this was still in the app... I upgraded phones and now it is gone. It really throws off my methods. Especially with Irish since I don't have a keyboard for it. The prediction helped to pull up custom words from my dictionary. Especially long ones.

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