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Gender on flashcards

Hi, I'm learning German from English and I was wondering if there was a plan to put genders on flashcards as well one day? It would be so much more practical for reviewing the vocabulary. Thanks!

March 29, 2015



This is an ongoing irritation and has been requested many times. It's why I don't even bother with the flashcards.


Totally agree here, I think it's vital to learn new words with their gender! You can't just learn words and guess the gender.. too many irregularities and exeptions


I haven't seen any flash cards with gender, as of yet, however, I DID see 2 of my flash cards with the conjugation on the reverse (ie: he/she/it then English translation of word.) Soooo that was a positive thing to see in my opinion. Maybe that means they are starting to adjust the flash cards a bit? Adding gender (der Junge - the boy) and conjugated translation (du liest - you read) would be very nice!

We do need to remember this amazing website is free. However, I would never turn down the offer of more for free :D Thanks Duolingo! Yes, I'm sappy and weird...

EDIT: I can now say that at least half (maybe more) of my German verbs have conjugations (you-plural English Word, etc.), still haven't seen genders. Doesn't mean it'll never happen just not as of yet.


Hello, I found two mistakes doing Duolingo Flash cards: 1. theme German Travel: der Stadt correct gender is die Stadt; 2. theme German Nature 2; die Tier correct gender is das Tier.


[Gender:Noun] without knowing the proper gender for the noun, learning case form is impossible.


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