"Thank you, but I cannot take the credit."

Translation:Obrigado, mas eu não posso levar o crédito.

September 4, 2013

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"pegar" couldn't replace levar here? I am guessing it's because maybe "pegar" is a verb used to take physical objects? :)


Not actually... we say, for instance, "pegar a chance" (take the chance)... I think it is a question of usage/expression...


ahh... i was hoping for a general rule.. oh language.. :p thank you though! :)


"Why is wrong with "Obrigada, mas eu nao posso levar o credito"?


Correct if it is a woman saying...wrong if you got it as "listen and write"


It was one of the "Chose the right answer" They gave me 3 options: "Obrigado, mas eu não posso levar o crédito", "Obrigada, mas eu não posso levar o crédito" and another one I can´t remember, so I checked them both, because both ARE CORRECT, but they didn´t accept "Obrigad..." as a correct answer.


They accepted both now 2014-03-27 1451 CST. The other used the verb "pagar".


What's the best translation for "take the credit"? I tried "aceitar" and google suggests "tomar", but "levar" sounds off (at this point in learning Portuguese).


we translate as "levar o crédito".


If you did something cool for someone but don't want to be credited, you can say "não quero levar o crédito". Nevertheless, when we are dealing and we just don't like the terms of the contract then we won't take the credit, in Portuguese we use to use "pegar o credito".

Pegar is like to accept something that isn't yours. Levar is like to accept something that you did.

Of course, the verb levar has other definitions. For example, we can take the coffee for the customer - "Nós podemos levar o café ao cliente". In this case, it supposed to bring with the body some coffee for the customer. Although this, when we are at the coffee machine getting the coffee, we can say "Nós estamos na maquina de café pegando o café".

I don't if it was clear... But I hope yet helped.


I tried: "Obrigado mas não posso aceitar o credito" which seems quite accurate to me. Duo didn't like it though. What a pity!

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