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  5. "Der Bär spielt."

"Der Bär spielt."

Translation:The bear is playing.

December 18, 2012



The audio voice is definitely saying "Bar" rather than "Bär." Context led me to the right answer though...


The normal speed audio sounds to me as "Der Ba-spielt". The slow sounds OK, though.


You're right. The audio is not accurate most of the times, that's why I slow it down, although it makes me want to deactivate it.


Is it pronounced like the English word bear? Because I would have thought the umlaut did that rather than making it sound like "bar."


Yes, the audio is wrong. Here www.dict.cc/?s=B%C3%A4r you can listen to the actual pronunciation.


The voice is saying Bier.


It sounded like "dear bashpielt".. :(


The audio is incorrect. The vowel is at least a long one, no matter how the "r" alters the vowel in front of it.


So why does it take at least two years before audio is corrected? It is very disconcerting to realise that problems have been mentioned two years ago. What's the average time it takes to solve these issues?


I swear I said this correctly and it said I was wrong which has been happening a lot lately. A few months ago, as an experiment, I mumbled a nonsense phrase. It had the correct timing and vowels, but incorrect consonants and I got it right.

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