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  5. "I know that very well."

"I know that very well."

Translation:Det vet jag mycket väl.

March 29, 2015



What does the "till" do after the "känner"?


Att känna till means 'to know about, to be aquainted with' while att känna means 'to know some personally' or in its most basic sense 'to feel'.


Did I miss something? Does "Jag vet det mycket väl" work too?


"Det vet jag mycket väl." - sounds like "it knows me very well". But the correct answer "I know it very well". Are these meanings interchangeable in Swedish?


No, only känna is used for knowing people. So It knows me very well would be Det känner mig mycket väl. Notice the difference between subject and object form of jag vs mig.


Can someone please help with the word order? Why is the object first? Something to do with the inclusion of the adverb?Thanks


I'm a little confused about the word order in this sentence. Is it "Det vet jag" because of the verb regency?


This word order puts a little more emphasis on what it is that you know, rather than you knowing it.


It s just a form of enriching the swedish language. It looks fancy to switch sometimes


What's wrong with jätteväl?


Why do we get this sentence that has nothing to do with what we are learning in this section called "Adverbs 2"? In this section Duolingo has been using allra with the meaning of very.

Also regarding Det vet jag, I have finally realized that Swedish is an Object Verb Subject language.

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