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  5. "Ben balık yerim."

"Ben balık yerim."

Translation:I eat fish.

March 29, 2015



I tried the translation "I eat a fish" and got the error

Simple tense in English uses plural versions of nouns, so "a fish" would not work.

This is totally wrong. It's natural to say a sentence like "Every morning, I eat a bagel for breakfast" with the singular "a bagel". The only reason "I eat fish" is better here is that you wouldn't usually eat a whole fish.

I'm not sure whether "I eat a fish" should be accepted but there needs to be a better reason given for rejecting it.


Yeah, I agree with you. There aren't many times when you'd need to say "I eat a fish," but it's not ungrammatical. (I'm reminded of this bear, who would absolutely say "I eat a fish." =) )


If the bear said it, it must be true.


Wouldn't the word bir be there for "a fish" we can state that we eat fish


So, if it is accusative we say 'the fish' and if not 'fish'?


İf you wanted to say "i do not eat fish" would that be "Ben balık yermekim?" Because i think i saw somewhere that you add "mek/mak" to add negation depending on vowel harmony.


mek/mak makes the infinitive. :)

You will learn the negative form of the aorist tense (this verb tense, which is similar to the English present simple) later on in the tree. Just for curiosity's sake, it would be "Balık yemem"


When we use yer, yerler, yerim


yerim = I eat

yersin = you eat

yer = he/she/it eats

yeriz = we eat

yersiniz = y'all eat

yerler = they eat


Ye (eat). 1.- Ye+im (eat + I): Yerim (I eat) 2.- Ye+ler (eat+plural of Onlar or other, if the word the end with "e,i"): Yeler (They eat)


Shouldnt it be "baliki"? (i without dot !) (According to pervious lessons + It is an object here...)


"ben baligi yerim" means "I eat THE fish". But if do you want to say "I eat fish" you should say "ben balik yerim.


How we can say "I don't eat fish" in Turkey?


Ben balık yemem.

[deactivated user]

    Mistakenly I wrote 'ben balık yerum' and it was correct.. I am a little bit confused about it...

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