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  5. "É ele ou eu."

"É ele ou eu."

Translation:It is him or me.

December 18, 2012



The slow version sounds like "É ele o leão ?" or "Is he the lion?" in English. That's what I actually typed for my answer lol.

[deactivated user]

    I put that too! The computerized voice is really not helping




    it means someone has to choose between "him" or "me". A silly example: A girl doens't want to go to the party with her boyfriend because she has to take care of her dog. So, her boyfriend says: "É ele ou eu" -- 'you take care of your dog or you go with me' got it?


    Thank you, I understand that part... I meant the pronunciation of it


    Sorry, now I got it... but it is still Beta, so you'll find it many times, unfortunately...


    The correct answer should be "It's he or I" rather than the colloquial "It's him or me". Both should be accepted but when Duolingo presents the right answer, it should present the grammatically correct form.

    He and I read the newspaper. Correct.

    Him and me read the newspaper. Wrong.

    The teacher likes him and me. Correct.

    The teacher likes he and I. Wrong.

    The construction "Him is angry" is wrong. So is "It is him" for the same reason, but it's been used so often that it's become colloquial. Duolingo should recognize this and at the very least only present the correct form.


    We don't want sloppy Portuguese and we should not have sloppy English


    Agreed! I certainly hope I am being taught proper Portuguese!


    I had NO idea what the computerized voice was saying here... all I made out was "é.." and then I just typed "check" so I could actually see what it was trying to say!


    Sometimes Portuguese sentences can sound like one long vowel..


    Shouldn't 'It's he or I' be acceptable? Or more grammatical?


    What's wrong with "It's him or I"? Him or me sounds clunky.


    "Him or I" is wrong. "I" is first person singular subject pronoun, whereas "me" is an object pronoun. In this case the two people being referred to our the subject. In any case they should not be used together for example "He or I" and "him or me" are both acceptable whereas "him or I" and "he or me" are not.


    After a "to be" verb, in this case "is" you carry over the subject to the following pronoun. Therefore the correct form is, "It is he or I.".


    But as in Paulenrique's example above, the implied construction is "choose him or choose me"--& it's incorrect to say "choose he or choose I" (here, "it is" refers to the situation rather than the following pronoun, if that makes sense--the idea being, "it's a case of 'him vs. me'"). Cheespuffs12, I understand what you're saying about it sounding clunky, but in this case (a colloquial ultimatum) "him or me" is correct.


    It sounds like a scene from a soap opera "its him or me " lol.


    When do you use eu over mim?

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