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Timed Practices: Why does the clock keeps running after you've answered?

That's pretty much it. Sometimes, after hitting 'check', you want to be able to see what was wrong with your answer, maybe see the discussions about it or report a problem. But you can't do that on timed practices, because the clock keeps running!

I think it could be better for learning if the clock stopped after we hit check.

Let's see if more people think alike and maybe Duolingo decides to change that.

I wish you all a very nice day! :)

September 4, 2013



No, I would not like it to pause after answering a question.


Hello there! Would you mind explaining why? Maybe you see something I don't. But simply saying that you like it the way it is, doesn't add much to the topic, right?

To me, I just don't see any difference, since there's pretty much nothing you do at that point but to be able to learn from a potential mistake, be able to report an error o see what others think about that sentence.

Thanks you! :)


You could quickly press enter.


It has been suggested several times in the last few days, I am hoping it gets picked up for the hackaton.

I think the clock will need a decimal part if it is going to be stopped in less than 1 second.


You mean that you think people are able to read, comprehend, answer and type correctly in less than a second? In a situation like that I'd consider myself as good as dead, no matter how many fractions of a second I'm left with :P


LOL I agree, it doesn't make sense, I meant if I answer remaining less than a second, when the clock is at 0.

Anyway, I think I could answer certain questions in less than a second. There are questions with repeated sentences or very short sentences, the ones with multiple choices are very good candidates. After seeing the same question for the third or fourth time in the last few seconds, couldn't you type "ja<enter>" or "1<enter>" in less than 1 second?

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