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  5. "Het oude paard is zwak."

"Het oude paard is zwak."

Translation:The old horse is weak.

March 30, 2015



Even if true, it is rude to point it out like that


I'm a bit confused. 'paard' is a 'het' but the adjective has a final 'e' this definite article het (Het + adjective with final e + noun)

with indefinite 'een' the adjective has no final 'e' (Een + adjective without final e + noun)


Het oude paard - Een oud paard

De oude man - Een oude man

Have a read through this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3888221


An adjective does not get in "-e" suffix if either it stands alone, or it stands before a(n) "het" word and there is no definite article (or similar).

  • "het oude paard" - The adjective does not stand alone.

  • "het paard" - "Paard" is a "het" word.

  • "het" - There is a definite article, thus the rule doesn't hold. "Oude" gets an "-e".


Toch. Arme Bokser van Dierenboerderij :(


Reference to Boxer in Orwell's Animal Farm.

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