"Jag har inte beställt det här."

Translation:I have not ordered this.

March 30, 2015

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Because of the nature of ordering something, we would use the preterite tense in English rather than the present perfect. I.e., "I did not order this."


What if you were looking at a menu and you had ordered most of the items on it but were searching for something you hadn't ordered? Upon finding an item you hadn't previously ordered you would say, "I haven't ordered this."

Of course, I can think of many other viable situations in which I could easily use this English sentence.


I just saw your comment on "Vi har inte beställt vin." Sorry, I jumped the gun.


No problem -- just proves you are attentive. I should have come back and edited this one. For those of you who are reading this, like Miguel I thought of situations where the present perfect would be needed even with the verb "to order."


why is, I have not ordered it here, not correct?


because "det här" means "this." It changes the meaning when you say "it here" instead

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