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  5. "A woman drinks the beers."

"A woman drinks the beers."

Translation:En kvinde drikker øllene.

March 30, 2015



No fair! You have to let the bear, the spider and the duck have some!


Hahaha that is true!


Why beers? I'm not native english speaker, do the "beers" make sense? I can imagine that I drink bottles of beer, or kegs of beer, but just the beers? Can it really be plural?


Sure, if there's more than one glass of beer or more than one bottle of beer!

  • 2020

Or more than one type of beer


"A beer" is a common term that's simply short for "a drink of beer"


Britons say, "She drank the beer." Americans say, "She drank the beers". It does not matter whether she drinks one brand of beer or several. Nor does it matter whether she drinks only one type of beer or if she drinks a can of lager, a bottle of IPA, and a glass of stout.


And I think here it's just a grammar thing- if you will choose the right word (definite article).

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