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Turkish Speaking excercises (or at least, how I improvise this)


I was wondering if the Turkish course will implement speaking excercises later on? And if so, what is an estimated date.

At the moment, I'm using Google translate Turkish speech to text on all my listening excercises (plus it saves a lot of time typing it out). If I mispronounced it, my text is wrong and I don't correct it on purpose until Google understands what I'm saying.

March 30, 2015



That is a very clever use of google translate!


That's a really ingenious niche life hack! Have a lingot.


google STT is really successful as far as I experienced it


I have to say that's really smart, but how accurate is Google's voice recognition? I don't know how good it could be, not that it could be less accurate than than Duolingo's own speaking exercises!


Imo, it's way more accurate. I'll start using it for other languages from now on. Can't believe I haven't already even though I thought of this months ago!

Disclaimer: I am speaking anecdotally, I haven't objectively tested this.

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