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  5. "Elbise ya siyah ya da beyaz."

"Elbise ya siyah ya da beyaz."

Translation:The dress is either black or white.

March 30, 2015



More like "Elbise ya siyah ve mavi ya da beyaz ve altın"


"Elbise siyah ve mavi, tamam?"


Can someone help me to understand why the word "da" needs to be here?


My grammar book says "ya ... ya ..." and "ya ... ya da ..." can be used interchangeably for "either ... or ...". To me "da" looks like an enforcement


I wanted to ask the same! Does it have to be here or is it optional?


So.... is '...ya.....ya de...' what makes it either. So, 'kahve ya siyah ya de beyaz' means 'the coffee is either black or white'. But 'kave siyah veya white' means the cafe is black or white? Not sure abot this :)


Kahve ya siyah ya da beyaz: The coffee is either black or white.

Kahve siyah ya da beyaz : The coffee is black or white.

Their meanings are not so different. Thye both mean speaker is sure that the color is one of them but not sure which one exactly. Just first one states more certainity(that is/must be one of them.).


Ama elbise beyaz ve altın, mu?

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