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  5. "De taler italiensk."

"De taler italiensk."

Translation:They speak Italian.

March 30, 2015



Wouldn't "they talk Italian" be ok too or must it be speak?


I wrote "They are talking Italian" because I remembered the Bananarama song in which Robert De Niro was not speaking Italian, he was talking Italian.

I was told I was wrong. I do not mind. I never liked Banarama.


What's the difference between italiensk and italiener??


italiensk is the language, italiener is a person from italy


Are taler and snakker interchangeable?


Yes and no. They are often used interchangeably, but "taler" is slightly more formal or correct, whereas "snakker" could convey the flavor of noisy/ inorganised/ foolish talk . Some would say "mennesker taler og papegøjer snakker" (humans versus parrots). "snakker" could be a little derogatory like "som du dog snakker" (oh, how you are talking). On the other hand, many would find this pedantic and you won't be frowned upon for using either word.

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