"Trade between the countries of the European Union is important."

Translation:Handel mellan den Europeiska Unionens länder är viktigt.

March 30, 2015

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Why is "den" used here? I thought "Europeiska Unionen" was a fixed expression that does not need a definite article.

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I love how the Swedish course has a lot of pro-EU stuff in it, and the Norwegian course has a lot of anti-EU stuff. So transparent.


I doubt it was meant as such, but I see your point.

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I didn't mean that there was any deliberate propaganda intent behind it. I just think it's interesting to see what you can learn about a culture by what they choose to present to people learning the language.


Yes, that's how I interpreted your post. But thank you for the clarification. :)


Varför viktigt och inte viktig? Det är ju handel - handeln och inte handel - handelt - enligt Wiktionary i alla fall.


The sentence isn't talking about the trade being important, but rather about it being important to have trade. And such constructions always take the neuter form in Swedish. The other alternative would be "handeln [...] är viktig", in which case the trade is emphasised.


See the answers in this thread for more information on this subject.


Tack till dig och till devalanteriel.
Jag har bott 15 år i Sverige nu, och hittills aldrig blivit medveten om det här. Och att upptäcka sådana saker var precis min mening när jag började med Duolingos kurs.


handel -> handeln, varför använder "viktigt" istället för "viktig"? Jag kan inte hitta ordet "handelet" så jag antag att "handel" tar "en".


Please see an above comment chain for an explanation.


Could you use the "Det ar viktigt med..." construction here.


Adding on to this, I'd love to know.


In short: yes. :) However, this sentence is supposed to have been deleted from the course, so I can't check whether it's accepted...


Thank you. And uh, I got it yesterday, so...take that for whatever it's worth.


It's a known bug, unfortunately. :(


The sentence is still here, and "det är viktigt med" is still accepted.

Just curious, but why was the sentence [supposed to be] deleted? It's slightly complex in structure, but it's at the end of the tree, and it's something I might expect to read in the news, even simplified news like 8sidor.


Primarily, it has so large error rates that I want to teach the construction in different ways instead. If too many people get it wrong, we're either teaching it too early or using too difficult examples.

But it's a combination of several reasons, really. I imagine most native Swedes would use slightly different constructions for this sentiment, so it's not even the most idiomatic option.

It also features several separately difficult-to-translate things together, which is rarely a good thing in a course for beginners. In a B2 course (for instance), it'd be perfectly appropriate.


Why not "..de Europeiska Unionens lander"? The countries are plural


Yes, but if you have "the x's ys", then the "the" refers to "x's", not "ys". Same thing in Swedish. It's only one union, so it can't be de.


Is V2 suspended in this sentence?


No, but the entire noun phrase handel ... länder counts as the first unit, however unintuitive this might seem.


No way "of" can be translated by "i".


It's worse than that. You tend to use of as a sort of catch-all where we don't want to use av - remember "a cup of coffee = en kopp kaffe" which throws everyone at the start of this course.
We use more exact prepositions when we don't want a clunky long s-genitive expression like den Europeiska unionens länder.
So a map of Sweden is en karta över Sverige, just to take one more example. Someone should make a list of all the various options, that would be fun. :D


Why is den necessary? This sounds like a very general sentence


It's not - in fact, I think the sentence is better without it. But either way is fine.

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