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Couple of suggestions

I love Duo for what it is, makes learning fun and makes me want to keep practicing but I constantly feel irritated by few things (I'm learning German only):

  1. I've been on Duo few years back, then I had a break and now I'm back again and I noticed that amount of German->English and English->German translations is imbalanced, I feel like I'm only translating from German to English, which I find rather easy and actually would love to practice way, way more English to German.

  2. Microphone translation from English to German When I fail, I'd like to hear the correct sentence pronunciation also

  3. Flashcards with genders I've already commented somewhere else, I love the idea of flashcards but learning nouns alone doesn't really work well, you can't simply guess the gender..

  4. Just a note, I find the questions to translate word with answers having a picture of the word at zero difficulty? I guess it's for learning new words, but it feel like I just select a picture and move on.. I don't know how to express it, but I don't feel this question is helping me much?

Thanks for reading! I hope I don't sound to grumpy!

March 30, 2015



If you want to practice translating Eng->Ge, try the reverse tree (i.e. the course that teaches English to German speakers).


That's an interesting idea, thanks for sharing!


I'm not learning German, so I don't know if it is exactly the same, but ages back this year I did an experiment with the microphone questions. I found that it didn't matter what I said into the microphone, as long as it was clear, and could be "heard" than it would mark as correct. I said, "this exercise is silly" in English, instead of the French phrase, and I got it right, it gave the green ok. I repeated this on a number of times on different days with different phrases, and it was always the same thing. I turned the speaking exercises off after that, so I wouldn't be worrying about the microphone exercise and not hearing the correct pronunciation. I'm pretty sure I reported it to.


Yes, I realize that the technology is still not good enough for this exercise to work as it suppose to, but I try to make the most of it. English is also my second language and I made huge mistake not paying attention to pronunciation while learning, now I'm stuck with some pretty bad habits which I will have to work on later real hard.. I just don't want to make same mistake with German, so I take these exercises to just stop and think about pronunciation aspects of words. Also they added an exercise where you have an English sentence and you need to speak it out in the language you're learning. I'd just like to hear for myself after the exercise is done, when it displays the written correct translation of the sentence how was it suppose to be said.


Sounds like they may have improved it since I turned it off. I can understand your sentiments regarding bad language habits, I suppose we all just have to make the best of it! Good luck.


Thanks and you too! :)


thanks for share it!


No problem :)

BTW. "thanks for sharing it" (I don't know why is this grammatically correct, I learned English by intuition :( )


Great suggestions! I have one to do with the "Immersion" section of the site: When translating an article, especially when it is a sentence that is not near the top of the page, I would appreciate it if when you started to translate, the text box wouldn't go back to the top of the page. It's really annoying writing my translation down on paper before I write it so I won't have to continuously scroll down to find what I'm trying to translate! I would be sooooo happy if this was fixed!

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