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Map of Languages in the USA

Hello Everyone! I thought you all might find this article on Slate interesting:

Maps of Languages in America By Matthew Yglesias

It shows maps of census data for people in the US who speak Spanish, French or Italian dominantly. Meaning those individuals rate their own English as below average.

Let me know what you think!


September 4, 2013



When I was in New York a few years ago, I heard Spanish all over the place. And when I wandered into Spanish Harlem, I got off the wrong subway station, all the signs were in Spanish too, including a billboard advertising a HIV drug. I could hardly believe it.


Those barrios are more common than you think, I lived near one in a town of 1500 people in Northern Missouri. Also, there are many other ethnically distinct neighborhoods throughout the US. For example, you should try Chinatown in NYC, or Koreatown in Los Angeles, there are Somali enclaves in Minneapolis, MN, Northeast Washington DC has a considerable Ethiopian community. There are also French Creole speakers in Louisiana and Northern Maine, and dialects of German spoken in Amish, and Hutterite colonies throughout the country. In Southern New England you hear a Portuguese that was imported first by fishermen from Portugal, but now sustained by immigrants from Brazil and the Azores. The US has never been an English-only nation. We just act like it is.

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