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"Hvad ville du have sagt, hvis det havde været dig?"

Translation:What would you have said, if it had been you?

March 30, 2015



Why is if "would you have said" and not "would have you said"?


When forming a question, only the first verb is swapped with the subject of the sentence (as it is in Danish) if it is a modal verb (like "would" is), although Danish swaps all verbs whereas English adds "do" to regular verbs (What do you have = Hvad har du?)


If it had been me it would be "Don't make the bear suffer any more".

If you don't know what I mean by that you have either not been paying attention or you're not up to that delightful sentence.


Pronounced exactly the same, "Hvad ville du have sagt, hvis det havde været dej?" means "What would you have said if it had been dough?"


The audio is so bad. The intonation is a mistake. .. In Danish there should have been a stress on the last word.. dig. .. If it had been you (and not someone else)

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