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  5. "Ormen er levende."

"Ormen er levende."

Translation:The worm is alive.

March 30, 2015



Why not "i live" instead of levende?


Good question. The posts below (from other exercises) agree with you.

jackinaboxx (Jeg er i live / I am alive):

  • "i live" would be "alive" and "levende" would be "living".
  • "De er i live." = "They are alive."
  • "Det er de levende døde!" = "It's the living dead!"

RidderJacob (Er hendes mor i live? / Is her mother alive?):

  • Alive = I live
  • Living = Levende


Well this was a bummer... Ormen means 'the snake' in Swedish. I wonder how the words could get so mixed up...


And funnily enough, "worm" used to be used for a snake in English. So for example, Bram Stoker wrote a book called "The Lair of the White Worm" which just doesn't sound as horrifying as he probably meant it to!


"Orm" was used in English for "worm", "snake", and "dragon". Read the story of Adam and Eve and replace the word "serpent" with "worm" and it makes more sense. Serpents crawl on their bellies but they do not eat dust. Worms crawl on their bellies and eat dirt.


Levede shows living when you click on it. Translation is alive. Both should be OK.

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