What I learned about French gender endings + updates for French FM

It is not so easy to learn French genders. It's a lot of memorization and not so much logic.

But when it comes to the French noun endings there are patterns that can be used for our advantage.

Different authors have different views on these patterns (see the list of links below this text). But I found the most important rules:

  1. Most of the French endings are masculine
  2. Most of the French words ending in mute e are feminine
  3. English words adopted into French are masculine
  4. The most important one: there are lots of exceptions

And learning these patterns, exceptions from the patterns and the exceptional patterns seems to be the only way.

So here is the cheat sheet I'm using for learning the noun ending patterns. french noun endings cheat sheet

And here is updated French FM app to use as a memorization tool.

Updates include:

  1. New words training mode. You can work with endings or nouns.
  2. Examples. Now every ending has at least one example.
  3. Translations. Every exception and a noun show a translation if you hover over the word.
  4. Score. You can see the number of attempts, right and wrong answers.
  5. Built in cheat sheet (the one you see on the image above).

Please use, share and give some feedback!

Good links to learn more:

March 30, 2015


When practicing nouns, I find it confusing when there are exceptions. I expect the color to be of the actual gender of the noun, but I get the color of the general rule.

March 30, 2015

Looks really good!

What is the order of things on the cheat sheet? E.g. why is -mme above -ce?

On my screen the "X" to close the cheat sheet overlaps the endings/noun selection bit.

March 31, 2015

That's a good point about the order. I think I'll order them alphabetically.

April 1, 2015

Good job adding Le Truc de Genres reference :)

"App" works well on the latest firefox on the Mac - I would add the ability to show examples before clicking "M/F" (but the nouns mode is similar to this), Sounds, and a learning mode (or just a show me button so they don't have to be "wrong") - however the cheat sheet works for now.

March 31, 2015

Another resource Complete French All-in-One (Annie Heminway, Editor), has a comprehensive listing of masculine and feminine endings (pages 13-77).

March 30, 2015

This is amazing! I have checked many such lists, and yours seems to be very robust. But to top it all off, you've created an app for testing your knowledge - excellent! Have you thought of developing your French FM web app into an app for the Apple Store? I can tell you right now, I'd pay up to $10 for it!... That's because it's one thing to have a list of noun ending rules, but it's an entirely other thing to have a convenient way to actually test your self.

Also, in going through so many other "endings" lists, I've found a couple that you haven't included, namely: -tte or -ette for feminine, and -taire for masculine. It would be great if you could add those (after vetting the correctness of these, of course!).

Thanks for your effort in this!

November 29, 2017
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