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  5. "Was he treated?"

"Was he treated?"

Translation:Blev han behandlet?

March 30, 2015



Why is var incorrect here?


why is the pronoun not in the accusative case? shouldn't it be 'ham'? i am confused :/


    Because, like in English, "He" is the subject (He is the one who might or might not have been treated). This is always the case in the passive mood, as the thing that's having the action being done to it is the subject of the sentence (for example: "Jeg behandlede ham" = "I treated him", but "Han blev behandlet af mig" = "He was treated by me")


    Thank you! Perfect explanation! It's the same in my native language, I should have switched my brain on before writing that :)


    "Was he treated? - Yes, he was treated." The "he" in both sentences is the same "he" (that's why they usually teach kids to ask questions to remember the cases). It's a useful trick for native speakers!

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