"There are twenty pupils in the class."

Translation:Det finns tjugo elever i klassen.

March 30, 2015

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I'm guessing 'elev' was derived from the French word 'élève'. I'm glad French is also helping me learn Swedish.


I think the number '20' should be accepted :)


When you translate from English to Swedish, you have to write the numbers. How else can you learn Swedish numbers and not forget them anymore?


In the “numbers” lesson, some “There are X things…” sentences were translated as “Det är”, others as “Det finns”. Why is “Det är…” incorrect here?


"Det är..." shall be correct in this sentence as well. The difference is subtle, "Det finns" is more like "There exist twenty pupils in the class" while "Det är..." is more like "The number of pupils in the class is twenty"


Can we not use "studenter" here for "elever"?


Swedish makes a difference between a student, who is at a college or university level, and an elev, who studies at lower levels of education. We try to maintain this student/pupil separation in English to make the Swedish terms easier to learn, though we do acknowledge that there's some overlap in English.

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