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My review with suggestion for improvement

This is a very interesting approach I must say and fully utilizing the social wave on both sides of the product (learning language and crowdsourcing translations) as additional incentives:   1. with Facebook integration where one can share with friends their current progress learning a given language, with the system sending daily email reminders to move up the learning "skill tree". 2. a hall of fame approach with "skill points" statistics were people can compare their progress with others, using competitively to motivate people   I guess they are just getting started by offering only 4 languages to learn from but I am curious to see where this goes. I have started brushing my rusty high-school Spanish skills whilst showing off my progress on my Facebook page :P   I am now starting to review the money-making crowdsourcing translation part of the site and find it a really good start. However, to see myself contributing, which is the essense of the service, I must say I would like to know a bit more about how the content up for translation will be used. If I'm going to dedicate some of my time for this, I would be able to have the means to decide for myself if some content is a worthy cause or not.   Technically speaking, translating from the language you are learning to English and rating others' translations really make sense as I feel I can get the meaning of Spanish sentences much better than any machine translation algorithms can, even with my non-proficient level.

December 18, 2012


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