Please bring immersion to apps

Duolingo team please bring immersion to apps, its not always possible to sit in front of computers at all places while we have spare time to work on immersion

3 years ago

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This is an interesting idea. It's great that you're motivated to do immersion and would like to maximize your contributions.

However, it seems that this might raise more problems than it solves. Let me explain my (cursory) thinking.

Unless you're a native speaker of both languages, contributing to an immersion document can be quite an intense process. For me, I usually have two or three online dictionaries open (SpanishDict, RAE, and WordReference), as well as the original source text and some supplementary materials. There's only so much information that Duolingo's hover hints can give you, so you frequently have to consult other sources to comprehend the meaning. And, without a doubt, this is a very good thing—it means that you're actually learning new things about the language, which is the whole point!

This is much less feasible on a mobile device. Yeah, I have the SpanishDict app, and I can Google stuff from within Chrome. But it's just not the same. You can't split-screen apps, switching is non-instantaneous (no Alt-Tab), loading is slower if you're not on Wi-Fi, you type slower and less accurately…and so on and so on. The consequence of this reduced efficiency would almost certainly be that you would be satisfied with translations of poorer quality than you would otherwise contribute. This hinders both your learning and the article's translation. If you've spent any time in immersion or in the discussion forums, you'll know that some (too many!) of the sentences are translated poorly or simply incorrectly; I can only imagine that increasing as a result of supporting immersion via mobile.

In summary, I guess, I would hold that immersion demands a level of engagement that mobile devices can't offer. Trying to force it would necessarily lower the bar for immersion.

3 years ago
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