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Duolingo Educator Gathering: Pittsburgh!

Last week over 30 educators from across Pittsburgh joined us for the first Duolingo Educator Gathering. Duolingo HQ is in Pittsburgh, and we were excited to host educators from the community for a discussion on what makes technology in the language classroom fun, engaging and effective.

Here are some photos from the event:

If you are interested in hosting an event like this in your community please let us know. Send us an email to community@duolingo.com, and we'll help you get started!

March 30, 2015



I hope someone hosts one of these in Southern Oregon. I would love to attend. ^_^ Thanks for posting this, Kristine!


Looks like it was a cool event, and I completely agree - "Puedes hacerlo!" :) Were all these people already using Duolingo in the classroom or was it more of an informational nature? Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for hosting this! It is a great idea!!

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