"Amanhã é terça-feira."

Translation:Tomorrow is Tuesday.

December 18, 2012

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tomorrow it is tuesday. why is this wrong


If someone wants to help change, I am Brazilian and I want to learn English


Do I have to use both terça and feira? (and same for segunda-feira and so on...) I guess that they meath second, third, fourth, but what does "feira" alone mean?


No, you can use just segunda, terça, etc. "Feira" means "fair", i think it is something about "fair days", segunda to sexta. Sábado and domingo were considered just rest days, no work, a long time ago. Sorry for my poor english, i am just learning. Hope it helps.


Your English is good. Thanks for explaining. It reminds me of when we lived in Campinas. Each day there was a farmers' market in a different neighborhood. On Fridays the farmer's market was in a park 2 blocks from where we lived. When I learned about these farmers' markets, the days of the week finally made sense to me. The 6th fair of the week was in my neighborhood.


thank you, it's important to me. and you're welcome. hum...it's interesting...i thought these fairs did not exist anymore...it's very rare.


We were there 17 years ago for language study. I don't know if the farmers' markets still exist. Interesting, cities in the U.S. are now starting to have farmers' markets. Great idea. I really liked the markets in Campinas.


Very interesting. The days of the week are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Eu amo Português! CX


I also love Portuguese! It's such a beautiful language! :)

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    So Portuguese and Brazilians seem to count the days of the week starting on Sunday. It's funny because for me Monday would be the first day of the week :-) In Russian, the days of the week are also derived from numbers, but only Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. In the Germanic and Romance languages they are mainly derived from old Germanic resp. Roman gods.


    This system comes from medieval ecclesiastical Latin in order to avoid using names of ancient gods. For example: Ash Wednesday is Feria Quarta Cinerum. (A sad date for me.) Interesting: why the also 'very catholic' other romance speaking countries have kept the old concept. More: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feria


    Is this a good pronunciation?


    I tried "It's Tuesday tomorrow", which was marked incorrect which I guess is because it's not a direct translation.


    Also because DL does not like it's for it is. It doesn't know that 's can mean is. It thinks 's is only for plural. Avoid any contraction with 's (it's, that's, etc.) and you'll have fewer problems with DL.


    I think duolingo is more of a formal platform than informal


    Question on pronunciation of "amanha~", is it pronounced (as a spanish speaker I hear it like this: ) "aman~a"? Is that correct?


    Pretty much, although the ã is a nasal sound. Basically, it's "amañá", with the accented a being nasal. Ojalá que este ayuda. c:


    Is it me or the fast speech says "a"before the date? The slow speech is more clear, of course

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