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"The professor will give information about her invention."

Translation:Profesör buluşu hakkında bilgi verecek.

March 30, 2015



Could you include "icadı" as an alternative?


please report these instead of writing here - it is much easier for us to check reports. And we lose time reading here


does profesör buluşu as opposed to profesörün buluşu mean that the her referred to in the english sentence definitely does not refer to the professor


There is no noun compound in this sentence, View it like this: "Profesör, buluşu hakkında bilgi verecek." and the grammar might be a little more transparent.

"buluş" just so happens to have a possessive suffix on it without being in a noun compound :)


profesor onun buluşunun hakkinda bilgi verecek


Wondering about

Buluşu hakkında profesör bilgi verecek

Not accepted. Also rejected with onun buluşu with this word order (accepted as a variant in the original order).

For the sake of comparison:

Suriye'deki durum hakkında Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip ...


Why is "haber" not possible here ("Profesör... haber verecek")?


That sounds like the prof will say: "Hey, guys check what I've found!" in a very non-serious way. Bilgi vermek is more detailed and suitable for this context.


Wow... very quick answer! Teşekkürler!


English distinguishes news and information in the same way. News is a particular form of information (or possibly a form of entertainment, depending on your point of view).

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