"Jag ska leta under sängen."

Translation:I will look under the bed.

March 30, 2015

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Lol, I was just translating quickly and typed, "I am going to read under the bed..." before I thought, "Wait a minute! That would be 'läsa'."


I just did that with leka


is there a way to know when it is better to use leta or söka or are they interchangable? Thanks!


söka sounds pretty formal if you're speaking about looking for things. Use söka for looking for information instead, but leta when you look for your keys or glasses.


What about titta? How does that compare?


titta is more or less exactly like look – it may refer to searching for something, but it doesn't have to, it can just mean you're using your eyes on something, like in looking at art.


So titta is just looking, but leta is looking for something?


leta is always looking for something, (searching) but with titta, it isn't included in the meaning, but it isn't excluded either. So if you say Jag ska titta efter nya kläder till barnen 'I'll look for new clothes to the kids', you'll get the look for situation too.


Thanks this is great advice I've been messing this up pretty bad!


It just occurred to me that the command to a dog is Sök! and that söker would be the verb you'd normally use about a dog searching. A hungry stray dog may leta efter mat ('look for food') if it's acting on its own (both letar efter and söker work in this case), but other that that, it'll be sök. I think this is pretty parallel to how it would be in English though.


English often uses "seek!" for dogs


Boo... It is just getting spookier


Jag ska läsa under sängen.

I thought I heard the woman saying like that.

What? How can you read under the bed!?

Maybe it is possible, after seconds thoughts.

It turned out I had heard it wrong after all.

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