"Jag ska låta er vara ensamma."

Translation:I will let you be alone.

March 30, 2015

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I wonder if DL would accept the more colloquial form, "I'll leave you alone."


It’s also accepted, but a closer Swedish phrase would be jag ska lämna er ensamma in that case.


Or jag ska lämna er i fred. Would you actually use jag ska lämna er ensamma? I'm fairly sure I wouldn't; it really sounds like an anglicism.


I'd use it, it doesn't sound like an anglicism to me unless you use it to mean 'leave alone' as in 'leave be' instead of literally 'leave alone'.


Mr Aurnati why ...be alone...is used and not ...to be alone


Yes, yours is probably better.

[deactivated user]

    Could "du" be used in the sentence instead of "er"? Tack


    No, for two reasons:

    1. You need the object form dig.
    2. You need the singular form ensam.

    But Jag ska låta dig vara ensam is a perfectly fine sentence.


    "I will let you alone" wasn't accepted :(


    I have a doubt (at this moment i don't learn it), but what 'ska' is used for?, because i do an exercise and it's shows up and y don't know what is that word


    I should probably leave this for an expert, but it is used to form the future tense. So it corresponds to "will" in English.


    "Jag ska låta er vara i fred" would be the most natural form i Swedish, as "I will leave you alone" in English.


    for me as a norwegian this sentence sounds like: "I am going to let you be lonely". because "ensam" or "ensom" means "lonely" in norwegian while it means "alone" in swedish, but I think it can be used as "lonely" in swedish as well.


    I often feel the urge to translate er to 'you guys' or something similar to make clear that er is plural. Is there any correct translation to specify this in English? My native language has a separate word similar to er.


    American English here. There is no plural of the word you,to do this one would say you all, or y'all as in the southern states. But "you" could refer to one or many.

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