Translation:It is twenty to five.

3 years ago



I think "It is twenty minutes to five" should be possible too.

3 years ago


The Turkish sentence is not "Beşe yirmi dakika var." Meaning wise, you are correct however don't forget that the initial aim is to give a translation without interpretation. :)

3 years ago



I am not contradicting your reply. I have checked the meaning of the word as being - one minute. Please can you explain the twin dots in the word - "dakīka" Is this a front vowel with twin dots?

I love applied geometry & is this a reference to the degrees of a protractor scale? not the minutes of the hour?

Kind regards

1 week ago


Noun dakīka (definite accusative dakikayı, plural dakikalar) - One minute


1.minute. 2. math. minute, minute of arc.

dakīkasında instantly, at once.

dakīkası dakikasına exactly on time, on the minute, to the minute.

dakīkası dakikasına uymaz very changeable; temperamental.

1 week ago


Hello aliNKa

You are correct: It is twenty minutes to five."

(Noun) dakīka (definite accusative dakikayı, plural dakikalar) - One minute. I cannot explain the twin dots on the "ī"

1 week ago
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