"Beşe yirmi var."

Translation:It is twenty to five.

March 30, 2015


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I think "It is twenty minutes to five" should be possible too.

March 30, 2015


The Turkish sentence is not "Beşe yirmi dakika var." Meaning wise, you are correct however don't forget that the initial aim is to give a translation without interpretation. :)



I am not contradicting your reply. I have checked the meaning of the word as being - one minute. Please can you explain the twin dots in the word - "dakīka" Is this a front vowel with twin dots?

I love applied geometry & is this a reference to the degrees of a protractor scale? not the minutes of the hour?

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Noun dakīka (definite accusative dakikayı, plural dakikalar) - One minute


1.minute. 2. math. minute, minute of arc.

dakīkasında instantly, at once.

dakīkası dakikasına exactly on time, on the minute, to the minute.

dakīkası dakikasına uymaz very changeable; temperamental.


Hello aliNKa

You are correct: It is twenty minutes to five."

(Noun) dakīka (definite accusative dakikayı, plural dakikalar) - One minute. I cannot explain the twin dots on the "ī"


Why its beşe,bire ...?! And its not simply beş ,bir ?! What does "e" does here?


Hello pantea


Saat beşi on geçiyor. It is 5:10. Saat dördü on dört geçiyor. It is 4:14.

4) For telling time after the half hour, you will use the word var and the dative case. The word denoting the next hour gets the dative and the remaining minutes until the next hour follows. Then add var to the end.



Thanks alot for answering my question ,ive been stucking in this for a day


Good morning pantea

You are welcome & I forgot to say the tips & notes on the time topic are excellent so please study them.

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"Beşe yirmi var." Translation: It is twenty to five.

Good morning pantea


Beş - five & the "e" suffix changes it to: "to five."

You have passed the "half hour" so please see tips & notes below. 4)

Kind regards.

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