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"What would you have gotten for it, if he had bought it?"

Translation:Hvad ville du have fået for den, hvis han havde købt den?

March 30, 2015



I used det for both "it"s and the owl accepted but said it should have been den. Why? Undefined it is always det, right?


I agree with you because, even though THEY know what they are talking about in this conversation, WE don't, so would naturally use 'det'.


It can be either det or den depending on the gender of the object they are talking about. 'Undefined' will be in 'hvad er det?' when you don't know what gender the object is


hvad ville du have fået for det hvis han havde købt det. Well, it said I should have used "den", and gave me a wrong answer. Was it changed or I got something else wrong?


Same here. Reporting it as "my answer should be accepted".


"Det" is always used as an implied subject! Who wrote those sentences?


I am experiencing the same problem with det vs. den.


i used "det" twice and it was rejected and I was told it should have been "den". Since there was no indication I opted for neuter rather than common. I see that people were raising this point five years ago and Duolingo persists.


I too said DET instead of DEN. But does it really matter? Yes it can be both DET and DEN and everyone here has already said that which shows you KNOW/are learning the language.

We should focus less on getting the right answer every time and more on learning the language.

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Yes, of course it matters. When there are mistakes in the course, they should be reported, so corrections can be made. But more importantly, what appears to a learner to be an error in the sentence, may be a lack of knowledge on their part, so instead of just reporting it, they can post their doubt here and possibly learn something new.


In addition to what tvindy says, people in the comments explaining why this is the case helps people who may be confused as to why it's a mistake. I know whenever I get corrected for something and I don't understand why it's wrong the first place I check to try and understand what I may have missed is the comments section.

Other people who have encountered the same mistake can alleviate the concerns of those coming after them.


I used 'det' for both and had it marked wrong - every other word was correct. Why is this?


This was answered in some of the above comments.

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