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Japanese Lesson 18: Animals Part 2


Crab: Kani: かに: 蟹 (duo writes it in hiragana 「カニ」)

Spider: Kumo: くも: 蜘蛛

Animal: Doubutsu: どうぶつ: 動物

Bear: Kuma: くま: 熊

Mouse: ねずみ: 鼠


The cat and the mouse.
Neko to nezumi.
ねこ と ねずみ。

The animal drinks.
Doubutsu wa nomimasu. どうぶつ は のみます。

I am a spider.
Watashi wa kumo desu.
わたし は くも です。

The animal eats.
Doubutsu wa tabemasu.
どうぶつ は たべます。

The crab drinks water.
Kani wa mizu o nomimasu.
かに は みず を のみます。

I have a spider.
Watashi wa kumo o katteimasu.
わたし は くも を かっています。

A mouse and an elephant.
Nezumi to zou.
ねずみ と ぞう。 鼠と象。

The mouse eats bread.
Nezumi wa pan o tabemasu.
ねずみ は パン を たべます。

The spider eats.
Kumo wa tabemasu.
くも は たべます。

For things like "The spider eats" do try NOT to be like me... I keep putting "o" instead of "wa". The results are hilarious though. Instead of "The spider eats" 「蜘蛛は食べます。」 I keep accidentally writing "[I] eat spiders." 「蜘蛛を食べます。」 ... oh the difference one wrong particle can make.

Next lesson we- .... oh... well... the next lesson is plurals. Which is fine for the reverse tree for obvious reasons... but not for us because Japanese doesn't HAVE plurals. So I'll have to go through and see if there's anything useful in those lessons besides the vocabulary... :/

If not we'll move on to the next section.

So until then!

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March 31, 2015



I've taken particular interest in the Kanji for spider. So far I've pulled it apart to this:

蜘蛛 → 虫+知 and 虫+朱 → Bug + Wisdom + Bug + Scarlet/blood

So that's interesting.

Also I've never come across 朱 (ake) before now... before I looked it up I had mistaken it for 未だ (mada) "still"/"only"/"more" ... etc.


虫 [...] Bug

Just... for anyone else as pedantic as me... it caused me a double take so I looked it up and that's bug as in insect not bug as in insect with sucking mouth parts. (Hey Demon-Kiyomi! :D)


:D Hey it is me! D= ... wait... did you just call me an insect?

... yeah unfortunately I'm one of those people who doesn't differentiate a bug from a...... bug. It's a bug.like I still consider Daddy Long Legs as spiders even though they're not.

虫 is a bug... and 蜘蛛 must be a bug too because there's two 虫 in there. And I should probably go to bed because I just confused "two" and "too" for a second there before fixing it. x_x


I still consider Daddy Long Legs as spiders even though they're not.

Actually, just to add to the confusion, Daddy Long Legs In New Zealand can refer one of a spider, or an arachnid (harvestman), or an insect (crane fly). It's a pretty great system we have here. XD


Well, it might be because your IME is correct. http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%AF%E3%83%A2 cCoud and spider are pronounced exactly the same, except different kanjis and spider is written in katakana most of the time.


Oh hey. Well then. I'm just used to kumo rather than gumo. ... and typing kumo also gives me 雲 -shrugs- But it also accepts other minor typos... I guess Gyuunyuu is done with double u's like that... but my IME will accept single u's and will still give me the same kanji.


It is KUMO, not GUMO for spider. Gumo has no meaning. I don't recommend including Kanji over 6th grade in the Duolingo course. it will just confuse the learner. Kanji for NEZUMI, KANI or KUMO isn't necessary this early in study.



Also. I haven't the slightest what grade levels the Kanji come in. I personally just sort of learn them as I run across them at this point.... and we have the problem of I don't know when or if these words will be brought up again because I'm translating the reverse tree.

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