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  5. "Siz suyu içersiniz."

"Siz suyu içersiniz."

Translation:You drink the water.

March 31, 2015



In the "Type what you hear" exercise, in the normal speed audio, I hear "su" instead of "suyu"... Is the last part of "suyu" very soft or is the audio not so good.

I only got the answer right because I assumed that being on the accusative lesson, "suyu" was required.


I hear it, but agree that it is difficult for beginner ears


I thought this could also be "You drink water.", but it was not accepted. So how would you say this?


You drink water: (Sen) Su içersin.(Du trinkst Wasser.) (Siz) Su içersiniz.(Ihr trinkt Wasser./Sie(formal) trinken Wasser.)

To say 'you' formally, one uses 'siz' in Turkish.


Teşekkür ederim!

Now I am going to study this page https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7738396


You drink water- Sen/Siz su içersin/içersiniz.

You drink THE water- Sen/Siz suyU içersin/içersiniz.

Su= water Su+y buffer+u= the water


I still don't get it. So, sütü means the milk?


Thanks teşekkürler


I had the same question because it would correct my answer to "You drink THE water". "You drink water" is correct, as there is no word in turkish for "the".


"you drink water"= "su içersiniz". "you drink the water"= "suyu içersiniz". The english "the" is indicated using the accusative case at the end of the word, here a specific, definite water: "su" > suyu = su (word's root-y (buffer)- u acussative case suffix.


Actually , they just merge the 'yu' with the 'i' in the next word like the way you hear it


I'm puzzled as to why 'Siz' is used in this sentence. Could you not say 'Sen suyu içersiniz'


You can say "Sen suyu içersin" or "Siz suyu içersiniz." You must pay attention to you verb endings though. :)


Okay, teşekkürler!


In turkish language they have sen ( you ) and siz (you but plural) and also siz can be used for respect Sen suyu içersin or Siz suyu içersiniz


Ya ya I agree with you .she is right


Why it is necessary "the" I don't understand


The object is in the accusative case, meaning that it is a specific direct object. If you see the accusative case used in Turkish, you must use "the." (the reverse is not true) :)


how to say : "you drink warer" , like usually you drink water , every morning.


You would not use the accusative case. "Su içersiniz."


Can this sentence be an answer to the question "What are you drinking?"


Well, it could answer the question "What are we drinking?' (The answer to "what are you drinking" would be "We are drinking X." :)


Oh, yes, of course *-)


I dont get it why do we know wether to add u or i at the end of the world and why they added the y in suyu?


The word is su(water). It is the definite direct object of the sentence so accusative case marker will be affixed. Vowel harmony comes in at this point. There are four forms of accusative marker: -i, -ı, -u, -ü. The last vowel of the word is 'u' so it gets a '-u'. Regarding -y, that is a buffer letter. Some more information about vowel harmony:

There are two kinds of markers in Turkish which vowel harmony applies: The one with -a, -e and ones with -i, -ı, -u, -ü.

If marker is an -a, -e one,

<pre> the words whose last vowels are one of -a, -ı, -o, -u take '-a'. (adamlar, sorunlar, bakışlar, kollar) the words whose last vowels are one of -e, -i, -ö, -ü take '-e'. (ördekler, kiviler, banliyöler, ürünler) </pre>

If marker is an -ı, -i, -u, -ü one,

<pre> the words whose last vowels are -a or -ı take '-ı'. (elmayı, kalemi) the words whose last vowels are -e or -i take '-i'. (çileği, kirpiyi) the words whose last vowels are -o or -u take '-u'. (sonu, burunu) the word whose last vowels are -ö or -ü take '-ü'. (gözü, üzümü) </pre>


On a web version of Duolingo, there are lesson notes for some topics, that explain things like that.


Siz su icersiniz true.


That would be incorrect for this sentence. What you wrote means "You drink water," not "You drink the water."


Why can't it be like Sen su içer that we learned first


There is person and number agreement between the subject and the verb in Turkish. So it must be as 'O su içer.'(He/She/It drinks water.) and 'Sen su içersin.'(You drink water.) respectively.


What is the different between siz and sen ?!


'Sen' is second person singular pronoun and 'siz' is second person plural pronoun. In addition, 'siz' is used as 'formal you' in Turkish.


what ıs the diffrence between sen and siz


rawan, lucaturilli answers to your question in his comment just above yours. Should read all the comments because you will always find the answer. I do so since the beginning and i never ask any more question. You can go on Duolingo Turkish Grammar Portal (not yet complete). There you will find Selcen's explanations with a table with all the pronouns: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/7736569


A lot of people here have a problem because in the exercise two new issues: siz (you formal) and suyu (the water - this especial water). Don't mix it please! Siz and suyu isn't one rule! Am I right?


I answer it correctly but they write to me the same in red sentence


Why they used (suyu) not (su)..?


The last "u" in "suyu" is translated as "the water" instead of "water" ?


"Siz suyu içersiniz" and just before "Tüyü içersiniz". Why not "Siz" in the second sentence?


I notice that there is no point on the "i" at the end of a word when the i precedes a word begining with a "y". Am i right?


But if suyu is juice, but also the water, how will you know what theyre referring to?


I didn't listen anything


What different betweem sen and siz?


i learned many years ago that suyu is juice..?!?


Anna.Lein, "su"="water" in "su içerim"="i drink water", "suyu"="the water" in "suyu içerim"="i drink the (definite) water". We have "limoni suyu"= "lemon juice" in "limoni suyu içerim"= "i drink lemon juice" and "limoni suyunu"="the lemon juice" in "limoni suyunu içerim"= " i drink the (definite) lemon juice"


They don't have word for "just juice in the vacuum". You always must add what kind of fruit before "suyu" to get juice


I have a problem I cant sent my voice


Can it be as you all ?? Yall maybe


Th différent between '' sin" and "siz" , and between içersin and içersiniz

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