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  5. "A million and one."

"A million and one."

Translation:Milliún is a haon.

March 31, 2015



I read somewhere that we don't use "is" before "a" in numbers. Shouldn't it be "milliún a haon"? "Milliún is a haon" sounds like "1,000,000 and 1", rather than "1,000,001".


The NEID explicitly lists milliún is a haon as an example of counting.

This isn't necessarily the answer to "843726 + 156275", "a million and one" is a common phrase, as in "I can think of a million and one reasons why I shouldn't have to answer this question", or in a number of different song titles.


Thank you for your answer. In my own language we say "millions" or "a thousand and one" in the sense of "too many to count". "A million and one" as a phrase is a novelty for me. Maybe I should learn more English before taking this Irish course...


Not at all. Your English is great too.


As a native English speaker, I have heard (and said) "millions" and "a thousand and one" (as well as "a million and one") to convey "to many to count." As is so often the case with languages, there are many ways to express this concept! (And, I agree with JoAnnCross about your English!)


So "is a" also means and?



  • is / agus = and
  • a haon = one
  • a dó = two
  • a trí = three

.. and so on.


So "is" does also mean "and".....isn't that what this person said?


No, they said "is a".

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