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  5. "Ben elbise giyerim."

"Ben elbise giyerim."

Translation:I wear a dress.

March 31, 2015



ben bir elbise giyerim?


This could also be I'll wear a dress: the aorist is also used for future promises.


This is for the basic level. Only the simple present aspect is taught at the beginning of this course.


So you wouldn't say giyeceğim for a future promise? I will wear a dress? Interesting.


Why is "a dress" and not "the dress"? It does not have "bir" in the sentence.


In order to say "the dress" for direct objects, you must use the accusative case. The accusative case is used for specific direct objects (and you will never see it on subjects of the sentence).


the english reply on this is inncorrect i think. i answered i will wear a dress and i am wearing a dress and both were wrong. it answers more like someone learning english from another country?


But "elbise" is not the subject it's "ben" the subject...


" i dress a dress " also right ..right?



"dress" as a verb means "put clothes on (something/someone)".

So you can dress yourself (= you get dressed; you put clothes on yourself); you can dress your child (= put clothes on it); but you can't dress a dress.

You can put on a dress (= start wearing it; move your body into the dress / move the dress over your body); after you have put it on, you will be wearing the dress.


is "i am wearing a dress" wrong to say?


That would be Ben elbise giyiyorum rather than giyerim.


I think there is some of weakpoint in Dulingo which is : you can't get the full Rule for everything .. you just hear , Read , and try to extract the Rule by your own understanding and maybe you go wrong with that ..for example: 70 % of Turkish learners who are in advanced stages here have no Idea about : the ketchup Rule or festuk şehap Rule or the phonetic Rule for o ö u ü a ä at the end of each word etc .. please keep it in consideration


ıt did not accept "ı wear dress". the answer is "dresses". ı think this is false.


Why is not "Ben elbise giyerim" ?


Ben elbise giyerim, what you wrote, is exactly what I see that the top of this page as the sentence that Duo shows learners.


My mistake, I meant why is not "Ben bir elbise giyerim" ?

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