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  5. "Nobody had known it."

"Nobody had known it."

Translation:Ingen hade vetat det.

March 31, 2015



It translated known as känt.


And then marked it wrong!


And correctly so. Ingen hade känt det can only mean Nobody had felt it.
känner can mean know in sentences like Känner du henne? = 'Do you know her?'
But for knowing facts, like in this sentence, we say veta.


"ingen hade visste det" does this sentence work too or no?


No, visst means "sure", or is a negation. It's not a form of veta.

In this specific case, there is no other form of vetat you could substitute it for.

Edit, an hour later:

(The original post said visst, not visste. Please don't edit your posts so it looks like I'm an idiot for replying to something you didn't write.)

As I wrote, there is no other form of vetat that works here. That goes for visste, too, which means "knew". It's the same as in English: you can't say "nobody had knew it."


So "Ingen hade känt det" does not work, but why does "Ingen hade känt till det" work then?


känna is for knowing people (and for feeling), känna till is for knowing of something.


Could i use "ingenting"?


No, that means "nothing".

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