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  5. "Dad has a pain in his back."

"Dad has a pain in his back."

Translation:Pappa har ont i ryggen.

March 31, 2015



Can one say en ont or only ont is acceptable? Is ont a noun?


does pain in the neck/back/... have the same idiomatic meaning in Swedish as English.


It's not the same as "pain in the a**" if that's what you mean. I haven't heard "pain in the neck/back" used idiomatically in English though.


It's the same meaning, just more polite and gentle.


Then no, the idiomatic meaning doesn't transfer. I guess I'm just not polite enough. :)

Swedish golfer Helen Alfredsson once tried to say during a press conference that she had back pains, but her English was only good enough to produce "I have a great pain in my a**."

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