"Os juízes"

Translation:The judges

September 5, 2013



I wonder how long it will take to stop automatically thinking of juice when I hear juíz or juízes...


Pay attention! juízes and juiz are correct, but juizes and juízes are not, same for raízes and raiz.


I do not remember learning the word "judge" How can they test you on it when you have not been given it as a "new word" first?


if you click on the word it tells u the meaning


Yes, but this was an audio and it was a new word and there was nowhere to "click" to see the meaning.


When this happens I consider a test of my ability to hear a new word and figure out how to spell it. I enjoy that, particularly if get it right. Or sometimes it's fun to guess what the word might mean. Real life learning is like that anyway.


they put it in the test without giving it to you is how.

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