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Problem with Contact


I can't contact the IT services. The link does not work.

I am getting very irritated doing my lesson everyday and seeing that I have completed it with the day added to my streak. Later in the day this is undone, saying I have not done a lesson my streak has gone back one day. This has happened for about the last four days. I am now having to do a lesson in the morning, check later and then do another in the evening.

I have done a lesson everyday, but some days my streak protector has been used.

Please can this be fixed soon and then inform me.

Kind Regards, Kael

March 31, 2015



Now streak continuation needs one to reach their daily goal. So, if someone has daily goal of 10, they need to reach 10 XP for the streak to progress for the day. Hope, this is not the issue.


No, I do the lesson, get the 10 points, the system registers that I have met the target. It gives me the green tick and increases my streak number. Then later in the day I get an email encouraging me to keep my streak and the green tick is gone and the number of days has gone back down. I repeat the lesson get the 10 points for a second time in the day and it is again accepted, but the second one sticks.

How do I contact the technical team to get this sorted? The button on the contacts page does not work?

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