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Learning French when you are a latin language speaker

I think that learning French when you know a latin language can be better then using the English language. I'm a Portuguese native speaker. So, many of the grammar topics and female and male words work quite similar to these two languages as well as Italian and Spanish. I believe it could be much better if there was the option to learn French using one of those languages above.

December 18, 2012



Agree and I supose that it is in future plans to do it. I'm trying to learn French and I advance very slowly because I make silly mistakes like translate to Spanish or writing mixing French and English words in one sentence.


hahah. I understood you very well :-) I'm Italian and I'm trying to learn German from English .... at least I'm improving a little my English ;-)


ooops ... "ahahah. I understand you very well ...." (still trying to improve my English ;-) )


I also agree. I have just learnt French. And I always confuse

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