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"Os casacos das meninas estão lá."

Translation:The girls' coats are there.

September 5, 2013



my previous question was 'the cars' keys are over there' - 'la' and it was correct. This time 'over there' is incorrect! No consistency!


I wrote "The children's coats are there" and was dinged because I didn't write "childrens'" But that latter is wrong in English: "children" is already plural, so one would add " 's " to it to show possession. Reported.


The issue is the same on mobile. It has the word tile 'girls' without an apostrophe to denote possession. I was questioning the entire sentence due to this discrepency.


To add to this, in the discussion thread, it DOES have the apostrophe, so they know how to do it correctly, they just don't have it programmed into the lesson.


i typed "the girls' coats are over there". Is it wrong?


"Over there" is commonly translated as "do lado de lá" in Portuguese


But in English in this situation without a context, "there" and "over there" mean the same thing. In fact, without a context, "over there" makes more sense, because "over there" implies you can see it or it is near, while "are there" is an incomplete sentence without a context or frame of reference. And it is suggested in the hover hint as well.


I had this question in multiple choice and "estão" wasn't an option!

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