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  5. "Min karriär som artist"

"Min karriär som artist"

Translation:My career as an artist

March 31, 2015



Is this an incomplete thought in swrdish too?


Yup, just a phrase, not a sentence.


I feel like I have seen multiple words mean the same thing as the english word "as", like "som". What are these words?


så, såsom, som, när, då, medan, emedan, alltefter, enär, allteftersom

... and possibly more. :) But do note that not all of these are actively used, and some are only seldomly a proper translation for "as".


wait! artist is konstnär according to duolingo at 1st level arts.. artist & konstnär ar synonims?


What I think the Swedish mean is that 'artist' is a general word for any artist (actor, singer, musical star, painter...) and that 'konstnär' is used more for the specific arts of painting, sculpture, installations... The same difference is used in Dutch, German and maybe some other languages.


The pronunciation is [kariæːʂɔm …], not [kariæːrsɔm …]. I already reported it.


Sorry - I'm not sure which one it really really is


Why does it translate as 'an' artist? Where should i get this?


specifically when it comes to professions, you generally don't use a/an. while in English you would say "I am a lawyer" you would say "jag är advokat" in Swedish to mean the same thing. If you use "en" in this case, it sounds like you're saying "my career as ONE artist" rather than "an artist".


Even as just a thought or a phrase in English, the word 'an' is necessary. I got it correct because I learned from 'I find no work' previously. It has to be 'My career as AN artist'!


Why isn't "My artist career" accepted? Is it a bad English?


It is not good English.


I don't think it is bad English, but they are probably expecting you to translate it literally. In this case: 'My career as an artist'


does that mean " i work as an artist?"


But the English translation doesn't work. You would only use 'My career as an artist' if you were following it with something else. It is an opening of a sentence only and makes no sense otherwise. I tried 'My career is as an artist' but no, that was marked incorrect. That means, that no, it does not mean 'I work as an artist' in English. It means 'as an artist....I do/teach/sell/beieve/something else' there is no inference of working as one specifically. So, who knows?


It works as an ending to a sentence, too: I enjoy my career as an artist.

But it's not a complete sentence on its own.

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